Signs of relapse after drug addiction treatment

When people recover from drug addiction, or they complete their addiction treatment, they feel relaxed that the addiction phase is finally over.

However, it is important to mention that even though the therapist has deemed an addiction treatment phase successful, there are still some measures to put in place.

This means that there is a tendency for a recovering individual to relapse even though their drug addiction treatment was successful.

Therefore, to prevent relapse, it is vital to note the signs so that proactive steps can be taken. Here are some of the signs of relapse after drug addiction treatment

Running into financial problems

One way to know that an individual has relapsed is when they experience financial difficulty which is typical of addicts. You will find them requesting loans or stealing money.

This is done in a bid to fund their addiction. When an individual relapse, they will spend all their savings and earnings because of their addicted lifestyle.

Privacy and Secrecy

Another way to know when relapse is in play is when the individual starts to lead a private lifestyle. Before their treatment, you must have noticed that they prefer to keep to themselves because they don’t want anyone interfering in their lives.

This is the same thing that happens when they relapse. Hence, when they keep up this act, you can be sure that they are back to their addiction.

Physical appearance

You can also detect when an individual has returned to their addiction when it begins to take a toll on their physical appearance. They might become overweight or underweight, their appearance will suggest that they are living unhealthily.

It might be difficult to avoid cravings and triggers completely because they are responsible for relapse. However, individuals need to learn how to cope with these triggers when they surface. This would be instrumental in helping them prevent relapse.

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